Taupo RSA Trust Board

The Trust Board comprises seven Trustees, elected at a Special Meeting of the Trust, by members of The Founder. A Trustee’s tenure is a maximum of three years; the Trustee can be re-elected after this period.

In addition to their general duties and responsibilities, the Trustees are allocated special duties by the Chairman and these are: Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare, Property, Education, Development and Liaison.

A Chairman is elected in January of each year for one year.

The rules pertaining to the election, function and tenure of Trustees are detailed in the Deed of Trust.


Graeme Williams


Graeme is the Trustee responsible for Liaison with any person or organisation that has or may have interests that impact of the Trust. He assists other Trustees as required.

Harry (aka Randy) Stone


Randy is responsible for liaison with the Taupo RSA and other local organisations.

Diane Wilson


Diane is the Trustee responsible for Welfare matters. She is the convenor Taupo RSA Welfare Committee.

Barry Calder


Barry is the Trustee responsible for liaison and management on Education matters. Specifically, he looks after Scholarships, ANZAC Day Essays, Taupo Cadet Unit and requests for assistance from those in any Tertiary education.

Peter Bell


Peter is the Trustee responsible for management and tenancies of the Trust’s residential flats.

John Carter


John is the Trustee responsible for the development and implementation of special projects.